Monday Musings from Melbourne by Graeme Sandford

Has it ever Lemon Occurred to you
That things might not honey bee
Quite a hundred watt they seem?
Me neither.
In fact…
Often there is more various cold cuts of selected meats the “Aye, aye what’s going on here” than you’d think.
Makes you wonder,,, doesn’t it?
It does! Well, I never
But, I might have done,,, just the once…
Since you task force!

And they do say – whoever ‘they’ are – that a rolling stone leaves no moss unturned – or something stupid like ‘I love you.’

By the by – or don’t buy it – who am I to tell you what a to-do we had.
It was bad – which in modern sense is ‘good’ you knew that! I thought you should.

So, the button onto the shirt, not upon your skin ‘cos that would hurt
And everybody hurts sometime passed and time moves in mysterious no two ways about it.

Possibly. Whichever way you look at it, it is still two letters comprising one ‘t’ and one eye to the telescope

And if all hope fails, there’s always Else!

She’s good (or bad) in a crisis.

Crisis, what crisis? I hear you ask at your local dealer for some great offers on used or unused cars – are there any other type?

I ask you…


But, you’ve already walked away.

Roger Moore’s the pity!

And sew on!





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