More Monday Musings from Melbourne (Airport) by Graeme Sandford

Sew, with a little time to spare a dime, mister?
I shall carry on my Monday Musings the blues.
Too early to take flight and with coffee, two hands
Eye on the departures board will muse on.

Melbourne, bun, bin, whatever the weather you can have four seasonings in one day
Salt, pepper, and two others of your selection box your ears and send you off to bed early checking in is advised.

Travellers from and to all corners of the round Earth are here. The turnover is apple and the flights are fanciful.
Which all goes to show – that you can lounge in an airport but you’re only to take off as much as is necessary on the understanding that any unwanted baggage may be removed for you.

Announcements made over Tannoys advise lost souls to get their acts into gear and make their way to gate number #%^^#%% to get their flight. We hope they make it up as they go along. They might.

And bags are wheeled along handled with care whilst squeaky wheels are crossing with aplomb – no, not a bomb! Not another body search!

Left in the lurch – I can’t alter a church , but I can enter a plea of ignorance – I have lots of evidence – and by providence, I get off with a charge of 500ma – which is just the right amount your horse, saddle up (not neck of celery in that order) and skidaddle out of hearing!






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