My ‘King Richard the Third’ Sequence



On Bosworth Field – (GRS – 22-08-1994)

On Bosworth Field the battle raged,

But treason took an active hand;

William Stanley waded in – the battle gauged –

While fleeing Percy reached his land.

Richard, the king, had lost his friend,

For, ‘Jockey of Norfolk’ was dead.

“Treason”, he cried, as he visioned the end,

“A horse, for my kingdom!”, he said.

Richard was lost, and fell at last,

While bravely fighting the man,

One Henry Tudor, who stood so fast

And watched as ‘his’ reign began.


Richard The Third Interred – (GRS – 12-09-2012)

A thought recently occured

about Richard the Third;

About where he’s interred:

and we have a vocation

to find that location…

location… location the third.

Hark, hark the dogs do bark,

Our King Dickie’s having a lark

hiding all this time under a car park

in the city of Leicester,

where his body did fester

so we went to invester… gate

and his bones were still laying about,

but, in a bit of a state

we’ll study them, analyse them, see if its him:

we can have no doubt,

see if there’s any way

that they match with Queen Lizzie’s DNA,

And then we can say

Now is the day,

Richard the Third came out to play!

Sadly, Richard, King, underground, spent,

Just missed our glorious summer

but won’t have to spend the winter

beneath this cement



Richard The Third Re-interred – (28-03-2015)

Now Richard the Third is at rest

In Leicester, again;

Interred in the cathedral, entombed;

And many thousands turned out

To pay their respects

For the last English king, in battle fallen; doomed

To be reviled by the Tudors

And a play by Will the Bard.

But, still, after times hard, he has recovered

Somewhat of his fame

And wiped off much of the mud

That was slung at his name.

Rest in Peace, our Dicken of york,

Last Plantagenet king,

And try toremember, of course, of course,

That it is not the play for the kingdom

That is the ultimate thing.


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