April Haikus (Day 9) – #NaPoWriMo


Suddenly, nine men,
each one taller than the last,
Entered my story;

Stole my ‘To-do’ list
And galloped into the night…
Or, the dog ate it.

‘Twas a right to-do!
List. Or you might miss something;
See what I did there?

However it was,
I will now re-think… again;
After a cuppa.

What do I do now?
Which is not rhetorical;
Please, can you tell me?

‘Get my finger out!’
‘Man up!’ ‘Go back to basics.’
Oh! I like that one.

I shall woo my love;
I think she’d love to be wooed;
I’ll send her roses…

Poetry (or not);
She didn’t like my rhyming,
And who can blame her?

Is one rose enough?
Or will she want more than that?
I really don’t know.

Day 9 of a 30 day saga with a structure of 1 haiku on the 1st, 2 on 2nd, 9 on the 9th, and so on. The previous efforts can be found on this site; future ones require time travel (at the moment) but, will be available as soon as the future becomes the past/present – perfect!




  1. Just let me know if Jane and you would like to meet some place some time othe than MV. I remember I managed to NOT meet you last time I was around. I don’t want to make a habit of that 😉

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