It’s only fair

It's only (a) fair?

It’s only (a) fair?

It’s only fair
The way that life is led
Returns to you in the end
When your Judgement Day is come
And you read your results
Did you pass?
Did you fail?
Heavenly choirs?
Or Hell’s harsh wail?
Do good things now
And it may help you, my friend
Be a nasty sort
And nothing can help you in the end.



  1. As a non-believer in a heaven and hell, the only judgement of any importance to me is mine. What other people think of me is none of my business.

    A deity who wants to be praised – to paraphrase Nietzsche – is not one whose ego I would pander to.

    “Do what ye will, but harm none.” Simple, with no bullsh*t threats of fire and brimstone.



  2. And you’re always paraphrasing Nietschkir… Neeshksa… Nicheka… Nicky… Somebody or other; can’t you make up your own 300 year old quotes for once!

    Sorry, I though this was Abuse.

    No! This is discussion! Abuse is next door, 12A.

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