Everyday is a quest for knowledge day?


What is Dutch Courage?
Where does the phrase originate?
Why do I ask you these questions?
How does ‘your’ mind stimulate?

I hear a phrase on the radio;
Or whilst listening to folk as they chat;
I am inquisitive, enquiring, seeking answers…
Can ‘you’ relate to that?

I Google and find; what’s your method?
Do you still look through a leather-bound tome?
Or is asking a friend a possible option?
I found out that not all roads lead to Rome.

However you discover your knowledge;
Using the medias that show ‘you’ the way;
In whatever way you search to enlighten;
Is there something out there to learn of today?



  1. yes always, I am always a student of this life, and with a second language, with differences of the cultured, there are a lot of things to learn in this language… and we are just talking about a language… what a huge world to learn… πŸ™‚ One word sometimes takes me to a long journey, while I am reading a poem, a story, or something… This one word that I haven’t heard before, and then my search voyage begins… searching and trying to understand… I think most of my life is running like that… Maybe I am a crazy one… but when I read you, I feel good… I am on the same way with you, the difference your knowledge about this language is great.. Thank you, love, nia

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