Media Madness

College student texting in lecture hall

You see me on my phone again
Tapping keys as if I’m messaging the world and its brother;
But, I am a modern-day poet
Putting my rhyming thoughts down
Upon my screen
Before the battery dies
And I
Have to resort to handwriting ‘words’ upon a scrap of paper.
Words, which start off scruffy and end up less decipherable than the enigma machine’s output after it’s been programmed by Dipsy, edited by Lala and keyed in by the other two.

So, when you see me next
Don’t just assume that I am keying a text
I might be creating the best
Poem in the world.

I just might.



    1. It’s probably not to say that a high percentage of them are writing fabulous poems. But, it is true that I am probably writing a doggerel or two. G:)

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