Final Words?


When I’m gone
Will there be any who look upon
My passing with any sadness?
Will they look back upon my sanity? My madness?
Will they smile? Frown?
Will they speak kind words about my being?
Or will they down my existence,
My blatant persistence in surviving so long?
Will I be a headline or a footnote
Or will there be nothing written upon what I did, the words I wrote?

The world will continue turning
The people blithely carrying on as if nothing of importance had happened by my presence
Upon this planet for a few brief decades.
And as my illusory memory fades…
A sense of calmness pervades;
For the oceans that moved whilst I lived;
The storms that raged;
Even the sun that shone,
Whilst I was here in body and spirit,
Pay a moment’s tribute to my journey here on Earth
And all that I have achieved…
Just a microsecond; or maybe not.
As I dance my way to oblivion;
In this mortal’s final gavotte.


One comment

  1. We may remember a name but once your time is over the world will forget you. Once all those who knew you are gone you will really be forgotten. But, although we stand on one another’s shoulders, once we have done our bit it seems there isn’t any reason for to remain.

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