A Walk in the Forest (a Starting Sentence Challenge)

A Black Forest Gateau - sorry, Hound.

A Black Forest Gateau – sorry, Hound.

Walking stately through the forest on a path that he had helped establish over the years, Marmaduque Fabriquet was at peace with the world; his two hounds, Fleicher und Christien, ran alongside and away, enjoying their freedom from the restrictions of Hame Farm – though those ‘restrictions’ were hardly solitary confinement for his two faithful Black Forest Hounds.

set a challenge to come up with an interesting and inviting first sentence for one of the writing groups that I attend (The Write Stuff) I thought this was a possibility. It does, however (IMO) not give any clues as to what the story is about, or what might happen. It seems to me merely a start. What follows may make the difference; but, as a first sentence, I am not won over by it. What do you think? G:)


Then and Now (or Now and Then)


One day,
when I was younger
I am now,

And I
Was looking forward
to when I would be older
than I was then

I thought that
Today (insert actual today’s date here)
Would be the day
That I
was looking forward to

But, looking back
At myself looking forward
I didn’t know
that ‘that’ then
And this ‘now’
Would be as it was
And is
And that I
Would still be blue.

Everyday is a quest for knowledge day?


What is Dutch Courage?
Where does the phrase originate?
Why do I ask you these questions?
How does ‘your’ mind stimulate?

I hear a phrase on the radio;
Or whilst listening to folk as they chat;
I am inquisitive, enquiring, seeking answers…
Can ‘you’ relate to that?

I Google and find; what’s your method?
Do you still look through a leather-bound tome?
Or is asking a friend a possible option?
I found out that not all roads lead to Rome.

However you discover your knowledge;
Using the medias that show ‘you’ the way;
In whatever way you search to enlighten;
Is there something out there to learn of today?

Enigma Within Reach


Surfing on a wave of apathy
Swimming in the depths of depravity
Crawling up the beach of sympathy
Considering the scope of my gravity
Others despair at my levity
Whilst wishing my works showed more brevity
They know nothing of impeding capacity
Just comment in rage at my rapacity

And does anybody care?

Author’s Note: just a series of words that I fuddled together. Not a planned piece; just came out like this. G:)

(W)Easel Attacks Artist!


An artist attacked by a weasel
Defended himself with his easel
Or was it the other way around
An artist attacked by his easel
Defended hims-
No, that’s not right…
It was a ferret
Easy to get those two mixed up
Ferrets and easels
So, to recap,
An artist attacked by his-
Perhaps it wasn’t an artist;
I know, it could have been a used-car salesman, or a barber;
Very easy to get those two mixed up
Especially if they look quite similar.
Anyway, a used-car salesman (or a barber)
Was attacked by a ferret
Or an ermine
(Though ermines are far rarer by far)
He wasn’t too badly hurt,
And after a few weeks recuperation…
He was released back into the wild.

As for the ermine – it was fine.